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Ceramic Lagging Sheet

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Ceramic Pulley Lagging material is made of wear-resistant rubber sheet embedded into 20mm×20mm highly anti-abrasion aluminum oxide ceramic blocks,on whose surface particles attach.


It can provide distinguished grasping force between driving roller and conveyor belt. It can accommodate to all kinds of muddy, humid and sticky working environment, also work well to solve severe wear and slipping problems of driving wheel, tailing wheel, tension pulley and roller,ensuring the conveyor belt running well.



●Pulley lagging under most serve environment

●Driving wheel

●Tail wheel

●Convey varieties of humid,sticky,muddy and highly wearing materials

●Highly intensity and tension conveyor system



●Ceramic blocks containing 92% aluminum oxide embedded into rubber sheet.

●Single or double,plane or convexity ceramic can be chosen.

●Rubber sheet basement is SUPER60

●Abundantly elastic basement rubber can protect conveyor belt well.

●Most excellent anti-abrasion performance.



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