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Plain Rubber Lagging Sheet

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Plain pulley lagging sheet is used for protecting conveyor drive drum.



Anti-drying and anti-abrasion caused by impact

Suitable for any climate condition.



●Suitable for vibratory feeder,chute,silo,materials conveyance e.g.

●Liner protecting apron and funnel from impact

●Moderate strength tension conveyor belt drive pulley lagging


Order No. Product Name Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg) Package
3510310 Wear resistant rubebr sheet 3*1500*10000 50.40 Plastic paper
3510814 Wear resistant rubebr sheet 8*1500*10000 134.40 Plastic paper
3511014 Wear resistant rubebr sheet 10*1500*10000 168.00 Plastic paper
3511214 Wear resistant rubebr sheet 12*1500*10000 201.60 Plastic paper
3511514 Wear resistant rubebr sheet 15*1500*10000 252.00 Plastic paper
3521010 Wear resistant rubebr sheet 10*2000*10000 234.00 Plastic paper
3521210 Wear resistant rubebr sheet 12*2000*10000 279.50 Plastic paper
3522012 Non flammable rubber sheet 12*2000*10000 318.00 Plastic paper


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