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Primary Belt Cleaner

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RIT primary belt cleaner suitable for cleaning the surface residue on conveyor belt loading port. It can clean 80% residue on belt so that can solve the problems that the environmental pollution and the residual material stick to the idler belt during the return journey of the conveyor. Because the residue can not only corrode and damage the rollers surface, but also will produce belt deviation problem.

1, The scraper is section curved surface and designed as your roller size
2, Scraper change is very convenient and quickly because the pin blade replacement.
3. The three-section frame can flexibly change the length of cleaning bracket as situation
4. It works well in oil-resistant and corrosion-resistant environment


Primary belt cleaner with spring tensioner

Order No. Belt Width Product Name
7855165/5265 650 RITCLEAN-SU/R-650
7855180/5280 800 RITCLEAN-SU/R-800
7855110/5210 1000 RITCLEAN-SU/R-1000
7855112/5212 1200 RITCLEAN-SU/R-1200
7855114/5214 1400 RITCLEAN-SU/R-1400
7855116/5216 1600 RITCLEAN-SU/R-1600
7855118/5218 1800 RITCLEAN-SU/R-1800
7855120/5220 2000 RITCLEAN-SU/R-2000
7855122/5222 2200 RITCLEAN-SU/R-2200
7855124/5224 2400 RITCLEAN-SU/R-2400


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