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Diamond Rubber Lagging Sheet

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RIT diamond rubber lagging sheet engraved diamond pattern, suitable for head and tail drum required strong grasping force and high friction. This pulley lagging rubber sheet has Cn bonding on its surface, which will increase the bonding strength with cold vulcanizing cement.  



Diamond Lagging Rubber Sheet offered by BAI-OTT come with CN Bonding Layers for better adhesion levels as also with buffed surface. The profiled patterns on the top surface, in diamond or square embossing improve belt grip and tracking on conveyors, while reducing belt wear. The Pulley Lagging Rubber Sheet is available in various grades of rubber, including FRAS and oil resistant grades.



Technical Data:


Polymer: NR/IR/SBR

Gravity: 1.10g/cm³

Hardness: 60±5 Shore A

Abrasive Loss: 80mm³AT 10N

Elongation at Break: 450%MIN









Order No. Product Name Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
3512108 Diamond rubber lagging sheet 8*2000*10000 209.40
3512110 Diamond rubber lagging sheet 10*2000*10000 239.50
3512112 Diamond rubber lagging sheet 12*2000*10000 286.00
3512115 Diamond rubber lagging sheet 15*2000*10000 300.40


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