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New Product of Tyre Regroover


New Product of Tyre Regroover


Tyre regroover is used for rubber regrooving. The adjustable bladeholders allow any cutting profile, and can be used with any blade type on the market.




After a period of research, the new Tyre Regroover machine will be on the market. The new Tyre Regroover machine is small in weight, light in volume, and more comfortable in operation, but also has the same advantages.


1.Tyre regroover machine designed for comfortable operating and maximum grooving maneuverability.

2.Only a slight amount of pressure is needed in order for the Micro-Switch controlled cutting heads to activate the heating element.

3.Blades are fed ,the exact amount of energy required for smooth effortless cutting.

4.It is an easy to use comfortable pocket-sized tool for re-grooving rubber sheet and tyres.

5. Portable regrooving machine is an easy to use and comfortable pocket-sized tool for regrooving tyres and rubber sheet.